About Us

Salient Features

  • Qualified and well-trained lecturers.
  • Practice of curriculum with life skills.
  • Tranquil and modern buildings.
  • Teaching through multimedia projectors.
  • Well-stocked reference materials with e-library.
  • Well-equipped science lab.
  • Three-month Computer, Accounting Package for management faculty.
  • Educational tours.
  • Ideal playground and sufficient sports materials.
  • Banking Internship, Workshop, Report Writing and Presentation for Management.
  • Field visit related to population and environment and report writing, field visit and report writing in farming in Science Faculty.
  • Commerce second year : Industrial and Management tour.
  • Workshop seminar in science faculty.
  • Modern generator for lighting and fans at the time of load shedding.
  • Special lecturers by famous personalities and university lecturers.

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